Why Boise?

At Epic Capital, we believe we can achieve greatness through high-quality investments, the relationships we foster, and the momentum we build from exceptional real estate solutions that exist right here at home in Boise, Idaho. Let’s be Epic, together.

Boise Metrics

Boise and the nearby areas, including Nampa and Meridian, are consistently ranked as top places to live, fastest growing regions, and low cost of living. From the continual population and job growth to the ease of getting around, the only thing that beats Boise’s own key metrics is its real estate market. With excellent absorption rates and median home prices, Boise is an ideal location for living and investing.

Safe Communities

Violent Crimes
41% Lower than the National Average

Idaho Crime Statistics and Rates Report

Convenient Transportation

3 Minutes Average TSA Wait Time
23 Minutes Average Metro Commute

U.S. News & Worldwide Report

Boise is Thriving

From major corporations to healthcare and eduction, Boise and the surrounding areas are thriving.


Boise Profile

There is no denying that large companies are relocating to the Boise region at a quick pace. Major corporations such as Amazon, HP, and Intuit are here and thriving, creating an optimal region for the population to find employment. With these large businesses come all the extras, including advances to our infrastructure. There is no shortage of higher learning institutions, with the likes of Boise State University and ICOM. Healthcare continues to grow as well—industries are booming in Boise.



The Boise region population has seen tremendous growth, and that trend continues today. Much of the migration comes from California. The largest growth numbers are being reported in Ada, Canyon, and Kootenai Counties. Many households are making a healthy median income creating an optimal market for money flowing back into the local economy.


Boise Area Metro Population: 795,268

Ada and Canyon Counties, Census 2021

Jobs & Housing

The unemployment rate continues to decline in the Boise region. With people back to work, there are more households confident to invest their money in the housing market and/or the multifamily market—all of which are seeing a steady price equalization. Median prices in the single-family and multifamily market are extremely competitive, making our home a prime location for others to make their home.

$8.7 Billion

Invested in Idaho companies through 306 total mergers, acquisitions, private placement, and public offers in the last two years.

Idaho Technology Council, 2021

2.6% Unemployment

With population growth and major business hubs, employment rates continue to rise at a healthy rate.

Idaho Department of Labor, 2022

3.2% YOY Job Growth

Opportunities throughout the Boise Metro region continue to pop up as businesses are relocating their major hubs bringing more jobs.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Idaho-based and locally focused, Epic Capital shares your goals of generating competitive returns while making a positive impact on your community. That’s why we’ve banded together to help you secure tangible assets in the region — those that improve lives and inspire future generations.

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